These easy paper masks will get your little elves into the festive spirit!

Paper masks are a fun way to get your children engaging in imaginative play. We made a Christmas Elf hat, but there are many other masks you can you make! Think of animals or super heroes that you would like to make.


You Will Need:

  • String or Ribbon
  • early stART Painting Paper
  • early stART Washable Paint Discs- Bright
  • early stART Safety Markers, Pack 8
  • early stART Safety Scissors
  • early stART Bubblegum Brush

Step 1: Draw & Cut Out!

Cut your mask from white paper making sure you’ve left room for a nose & leave a strip across the top for the edge of the hat! Cut eyeholes & trim those pieces to make elf ears! On red paper, cut out the hat!

Step 2: Paint!

Use your early stART Washable Paint Discs to paint the face. We diluted the orange paint to get a light skin tone. Then, use the early start Safety Markers to add details, like a skin fold on the ear.

Step 3: Glue Together!

Use your early start glue stick to stick all of the pieces together! Glue the red hat and ears to the back of the mask for a neater look! Stick a small white dot at the end of your hat to finish it off!

Step 4: Tie on string!

Punch 2 holes on both sides of the mask. Thread 2 pieces of ribbon through the holes and double knot them. Now your mask is ready to be worn! To wear the mask tie the 2 ribbons together at the back!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF