Get crafty and make this easy paper doll to get your imagination moving!


You Will Need:

Micador jR. Scissors

Micador jR. Easy Wash Mega Oil Pastel

Micador jR. Drawing Paper

Paper Fasteners


Please note: Children who are still developing their fine motor skills will need a parent or teacher to help them secure the fasteners in step 3.


Step 1: Draw!

Start drawing on your paper with your Micador jR. Easy Wash Mega Oil Pastels. Try drawing friends, family or even your pets! Draw the head and body connected, but leave the arms and legs separate.

Step 2: Cut out!

Now you can cut out the body shapes! Remember to keep the head and body joined together in one piece!

Step 3: Pin Together!

Place the arms and legs behind the doll’s body just enough so that you can pierce through both bots of paper with a paper fastener. Bend and fold out the ends on the back of the pins to secure them.

Step 4: Play!

It’s now time to get carried away with some imaginative play! Move the arms and legs to wave at a friend, kick a ball or dance. Experiment and move your paper doll to see what fun you can get into together!
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