Pastel highlighters aren’t just for organising, try these bright ideas to learn and have fun with the kids!


You Will Need:

Micador Highlighters- Pastel



Drawing Paper

Bubble Wrap

A Page of Text

Lined Paper


1.Practice writing your name!

As kids start school or even start learning to write in another language, this activity helps improve their confidence and introduces letter formation. All you have to do is write their name in highlighter and then ask them to trace over the highlighter letters using a pencil.

2. Bubble wrap artwork!

With paper under the bubble wrap, students can colour a picture on the bubble wrap. Then, flip the drawing over and rub the designs onto the paper underneath. Keep the bubble wrap in place to stop smudging. Lift the bubble wrap to reveal the bright artwork!

3. ‘Highlight the word’ game

Give your child a page of text at their reading level. They can highlight words that rhyme with certain sounds (CAT, HAT, MAT). This will have them quickly reading and sounding out words on the page. Go on to find more words that rhyme. Make it fun by racing against the clock!

4. Overlapping rainbows!

Draw vertical lines on a page in each highlighter colour. Next draw horizontal lines through them all, using each colour – what colours did you make by overlapping the lines? This is a great way to start a conversation about colour and blending colours.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF