Make your gifts more meaningful with this handmade wrapping paper! It will be sure to stand out under the Christmas tree with your one of a kind design!

What You need:

  • early stART Softies Tri Grip Crayons
  • early stART Scribble Paper A3
  • Light weight masking tape
  • Sticky tape (to wrap)



Step 1. Work out what you need

Take your gift and place it on a piece of A3 paper, cut it to the right size to wrap your gift.

Step 2. Get decorating!

Using your early stART Softies Tri Grip Crayons start drawing Christmas themed pictures, think Christmas Trees, Candy Canes or Reindeers! Make sure you cover the majority of paper so that the gift will have drawings all over!

Step 3. Get crafty with tape

Another fun decorating idea is to place light weight masking tape onto the paper in a pattern. You can do diagonal lines or criss cross them for different effects. Remove the tape at the end to reveal your colourful wrapping paper!

Step 4. Wrap and give away!

Wrap your gift and surprise someone special with your handmade wrapping paper! We added some curling ribbon to ours for a final touch!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF