Let your watercolours help you decide what to draw!


You Will Need:


  • Micador Stylist Watercolour Palette, 12
  • Micador Lotus Palette
  • Micador For Artists Rains Watercolour Paper
  • Early stART Splash Mat
  • Micador Colourfun Black Marker
  • Micador Colourfun Brush
  • Water



Step 1: Wet the Paper!

Using your brush, wet the centre of your paper with a few brush strokes (this is your creation will end up)! If you end up with too much water sitting on your page, you can use a paper towel to soak some of it up.

Step 2: Drop in some colour!

Using a wet brush, press into some colour and dab it softly onto the paper. Watch as the watercolours move and spread! Keep adding colours until you’re happy the result! Blues and greens look great together as do red, orange and yellow!

Step 3: Draw!

Once your paper is dry, have a look at the shapes on your paper! Do any of them look like an animal? Draw an outline over your watercolour mark with a marker and watch your creature come to life!

Step 4: Display or give away!

Your beautiful watercolour creation can be framed and displayed in your room or used as gift card!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF