This Bumble Bee Finger Puppet activity encourages kids to get creative and then engage in imaginative play! 


You can use the bright coloured pages from our Create It Art Pads to make bees and other insects and animals – think butterflies, cats, or even an elephant! The options are endless.


You Will Need:

  • early stART Glue Stick                                                   
  • Micador jR. Create It Art Pad - Colourfun A4
  • Micador jR. Drawing Paper, A4 Pad                          
  • early stART Safety Scissors                                       
  • early stART Safety Markers                         




Step 1: Cut Out Your Shapes!

Cut out a yellow circle, for the bee’s head! Then cut a large round shape for the body, making the bottom wider and with 2 finger holes. Cut 2 white wings! Then cut your antennae and a tiny triangle stinger!

Step 2: Get Gluing!

Glue the bottom of the back of the head and stick it on the body. Make sure the 2 finger holes are pointing towards the bottom. Then stick the wings onto the back of the body. Don’t forget the antennae and stinger!

Step 3: Draw!

Using your black early stART Safety Marker, draw black stripes across the bee’s body. Then draw details on the bee’s face! To finish off, colour in the antennas and stinger!

Step 4: Play!

Put your fingers through the holes to bring your puppet to life! Embellish your stories with fun actions as you can make your bee walk, run, fly or dance! What adventures will your puppets go on?
Download this info as a takeaway PDF