High school and hobby artists can use these steps to improve their rose painting technique.


Learn how to paint a rose with our Micador for Artists Brilliant Watercolour Discs. You can use a photo or use a real rose for inspiration!


You Will Need:

Micador For Artists Rains Watercolour Paper – DL size 

Micador For Artists Brilliant Watercolour Disc - 24

Roymac Achiever Flat ½”, Size 6

Roymac Achiever Round, Size 2



Step 1: Block in Colour

Start with a wash of water in a rose shape. Next dilute your watercolour with water, as this is the lightest shade in your piece. Create a faint base layer for the petals and then with your smaller brush, paint a stem and leaves.

Step 2: Paint an Outline

Take some time to study your rose, look at how the petals sit. A good starting place is working from the centre, outwards. Use lines to accentuate the edges of the rose petals, stem and lines on the leaves.

Step 3: Start Shading

Start adding deeper colour to the dark and shadowed areas. Observe where light lands on different parts and add yellow to highlight these points and create depth.

Step 4: Add Details

When you were shading you may have found that the outlines you applied in step 2 blended in. If so, you can reapply these lines. Add details like thorns and small leaves around the base of the rose to complete the painting.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF