What you will need:

  • Micador jR A4 drawing paper
  • Collected & Co tape (or Washi tape)
  • Micador Stylist Watercolour palette, 36
  • Colourfun Paint brush
  • early stART Glue stick
  • Silver glitter

Step 1. Tape your lines!

Stick your tape down onto the paper so the tape crosses over each other and makes different sized segments.

Step 2. Add colour

Paint between the tape lines and leave 4 segments blank (these will be for glitter later). Be careful not to paint the same colours next to each other. Allow paint to dry.

Step 3. Glue and add glitter!

Layer glue down onto the blank sections and then cover these sections with glitter.

Step 4. Reveal your masterpiece!

Remove the tape slowly to avoid ripping the paper and you will see your finished masterpiece. Display it somewhere where light will catch your glitter sections and make your art sparkle!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF