Download the Autumn Banksia line art PDF template here before you begin. We suggest watching the tutorial in full before attempting the painting yourself. This will ensure you understand the process.

Pascale uses:

  • Micador for Artists Brilliant Watercolour Disc Seasons - Autumn Collection
  • Micador for Artists 907 Premium White Brushes in Sizes 6, 3 & 2
  • Micador for Artists Rains Watercolour Paper 297mm x 420mm (A3)
  • Water - for rinsing brushes
  • Paper towel
  • Micador Essential FSC® graphite Pencil
  • Mixing tray (optional)



Step1: Copy or draw outlines

Use your pencil to copy the line art onto your watercolour paper. You can draw your own banksia flowers from real life reference or images if you prefer.

Step 2: Paint the leaves

Start painting the leaves using a combination of 'sap green' and 'sage'. Using your size 6 brush, load it with colour and press down to create broad, leaf-shaped strokes.

Step 3: Banksia flower

Use a stipple effect to create the banksia flower spikes. NOTE: It may take a little time to build up the banksia shape.

Step 4: Paint the second branch

Using the same process, paint the second branch. Add a small banksia cone using a 'brown' and 'sage' combination. Add detail to the cone with 'brown'.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF