Use recycled materials you have at home to create this colourful birthday cake. Once complete it can be used over and over again during imaginary and group play!


You will need:

  • A large piece of recycled cardboard
  • Micador jR. Safe Scissors
  • Micador Stylist Watercolour Paint Palette
  • early stART Glue Stick
  • Loose parts for decorations such as buttons, pom poms, sequins and glitter



Step 1: Cut your pieces to size

Cut a cardboard background. Then cut the tiers of your birthday cake.

Step 2: Create a background

Using your Stylist Watercolour palette, paint a bright and colourful background for your cake. Use as much colour as you like!

Step 3: Paint your cake

Paint your cake tiers to create a bright and cheerful birthday cake.

Step 4: Glue and decorate!

Once your paint has dried, glue the cake tiers down onto the background. Decorate your cake using loose parts. Don’t forget to add some candles!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF