Use your painting and drawing skills to draw your range of feelings.


 You will need:

  • Micador jR. Drawing Paper
  • Micador Metallic Paint palette
  • Black Marker
  • Ruler
  • Future Kids Paint brush (Optional, Micador paint palettes do come with their own brush)





Step 1: Rule up your page

Rule your pop art grid by dividing your page into 4 equal rectangles

Step 2: Add Sparkly colour

Paint the grid and allow to dry. While the paint dries, think of 4 different types of emotions you’d like to include. Some examples include; happy, frustrated, worried, sad, bored, inspired or excited.

Step 3: Draw your feelings

Draw your self portrait emotions onto the grid. Once finished, use your grid as a reminder that our feelings are always changing and that's ok.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF