Create cute prints of your animal friends using lino! This fun activity is perfect for artists and hobbyists.

You will need:

  • Micador for Artists Lino Block Printing Ink - Black
  • Micador Easy Cut Lino – 15 x 15 cm
  • Micador Lino Carving Tools
  • Micador Hand Rubber Roller
  • Kraft paper or another surface of your choice
  • A sheet of acetate or glass panel 


  • For cutting straight lines – we recommend using the ‘v’ shaped blade
  • For rounded corners – we recommend using the ‘c’ shaped blade




Prepare a sketch of your pet and transfer it onto your lino square or directly draw on your lino square. Please keep in mind that the lino will print in an opposite direction so make sure your drawing is in the opposite direction of how you want it to look like.

Cut your lino!

Using your lino tools, cut out the outside of your sketch. Cut your lino swiftly and away from you and make sure to just give it a slight pressure – don’t dig in too deep. Remember to be extra careful!

Roll the ink!

Put a decent amount of ink onto your acetate sheet. Using your hand roller, start rolling the ink until they are spread nice and even on the roller. It is better to go at a quick pace when rolling the ink to avoid the ink from getting dry. Then, roll the ink onto your linocut.

Start printing!

Print your image by placing your lino down to your desired surface and press it. Be careful not to shift your paper before slowly peeling off the lino. You can print on different materials such as paper or canvas bags - the possibilities are endless!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF