Create gorgeous Easter decorations for hunting, table decoration, gifting or just for fun.

You will need:

  • Boiled eggs for decorating
  • Micador Stay Anywhere Pen
  • Graphite Pencil
  • Micador For Artists Stylist Brush Markers, Permanent Box 12
  • Micador for Artists AquaPainters, Winter Box 6
  • A Piece of White Paper
  • Double Sided Tape or Glue



Step 1: Bunny face

Start by drawing eyes, a nose and a mouth for your bunny using a graphite pencil. Trace over the pencil outlines using a Stay Anywhere Pen to make the features permanent. Add details to your animal’s face. Then use a white AquaPainter for teeth or freckles and Stylist Brush Markers for rosy cheeks and extra details.

Step 2: Bunny ears

Draw some ears for your bunny on a piece of white paper. Colour them using your Stylist Brush Markers. Cut out the ears and attach them to your egg using double sided tape or glue.

Step 3: Hatching chicks!

Use your graphite pencil to sketch out cracks in your egg. The crack can be as big or as small as you wish. Trace over this outline using a Micador Stay Anywhere Pen. Using a yellow Stylist Brush Marker, colour in between the cracks on the egg. This is where the chick’s body will be exposed. Use different coloured Stylist Brush Markers and a Stay Anywhere Pen to add details to the body of the chick. Include eyes, a beak and even some scruff marks for feathers.

Step 4: AquaPainter patterns

Using a white AquaPainter from the Winter Collection draw simple flowers over the surface of your egg by drawing a dot with short lines surrounding it. Add flowers until the egg is covered.Experiment with different patters! Zigzags, dots, straight lines are some of our favourites.
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