What you’ll need:

  • Micador Sketching Paper
  • Micador Essential Pencil, HB
  • Micador 303 Plastic Eraser














Step 1: Draw the Whale Shape

Draw the form of the whale using basic 2D shapes. For example, a crescent with rounded corners for the body and ovals for the nose, tail and fins.

Step 2: Refine the Outline

Using your basic shapes as a base, draw the outline of the whale and add details to each section. This includes adding grooves and a point to the fins, marking where the mouth and eye is and creating more of a point for the nose.

Step 3: Add Lines

Draw some closely spaced curved lines under the whale’s mouth. These lines will travel down its throat and just past the fins.

Step 4: Shade and Add Details

Add some form to your drawing by shading the underside and fins of the whale. Shade the bottom of the belly and colour the back fin so it’s a shade darker than the front fin. This will create the illusion that the fin is behind the whale. You can even add a background to the drawing by drawing water, bubbles or other fish!
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