Enjoy learning the process of lino cutting with this simple but sweet pear piece. Have a go at mixing colours to create your own unique effect.


Please download the pear template for use as reference.


You will need:

  • Micador Easy Cut Lino Squares
  • Micador Lino Carving Tools
  • Micador for Artists Lino Block Printing Inks
  • Micador Hard Rubber Rollers
  • Glass or acetate sheet (for rolling ink)
  • Stay Anywhere Pen
  • Palette knife or brush (for mixing inks)
  • Paper towel (optional)



Step 1: Design

Download or copy Shani's pear template, or create your own simple design on a piece of paper. Then draw your design onto the Easy Cut Lino.

Step 2: Cut lines

Using one of the V shaped tools, cut along the lines you have drawn.

Step 3: Cut out larger areas

Using the U shaped tool, remove the larger areas, ie: squares from the table cloth. Then roughly remove the area that makes up the pear. NOTE: Leaving this area rough will create a lovely texture when printing.

Step 4: Choose your colour

Decide what colour you'd like to print before you start mixing. Shani has decided on a lovely rich green.

Step 5: Mix your colours

Mix your colour well before you start rolling your ink. NOTE: If your colours are not mixed well your final print may come out mottled.

Step 6: Roll your ink

Using a flat surface, cover your roller with ink. Shani has used a plate, but a sheet of acetate or even scrap cardboard will work.

Step 7: Roll your lino

Roll your ink onto your lino ensuring you cover all of the uncut surfaces.

Step 8: Place paper onto your linocut

Once your lino is inked, place your paper carefully onto the lino. Once in place rub the paper to ensure consistent transfer of the ink onto the paper.

Step 9: Ta-da! There's a pear in there

Gently lift your paper to see your pear! Roll more ink onto your lino and make another print on a fresh piece of paper. Each print will be slightly unique!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF