Create these recycled spooky Halloween characters with items you already have at home! You just need some toilet rolls and acrylic paint! 


You will need:

  • Toilet rolls 
  • Micador Acrylic Paint Packs - Primary 
  • Micador jR. Create It Art Pad - Two ColourMagic, A4  
  • Micador jR. Safe Scissors 
  • Micador Colourfun Brush - Flat
  • Micador Stay Anywhere Permanent Pen 
  • Glue stick or craft glue




Step 1: Paint!

Paint your toilet rolls. The colour of your rolls will vary depending on the characters you are creating, and you may need to mix colours together. Here we will be making a jack-o'-lantern, a ghost, a bat and Frankenstein’s monster. For the ghost, you will also need to cut some waves into one end of the toilet roll.

Step 2: Draw!

Once the paint is completely dry, use a black pen to draw your faces on. If you have a small brush, acrylic paint can be used for this step. Add eyes, a nose and a mouth to your characters. For the bat, cut out 2 ovals from a white piece of paper and glue them onto the roll. Add dots inside these for the iris. Add some other details e.g.: we have drawn on some hair and a scar for Frankenstein’s monster!

Step 3: Add Paper Decorations!

Using the coloured paper, decorate your characters. For the jack-o'-lantern, we curled a strip of green paper around a pencil to create a stalk and glued it to the inside of the toilet roll. For the bat, we cut wings from black paper and glued them to the back of the roll. We also folded the top of the toilet roll to create two ears. With Frankenstein’s monster we cut out two bolt-shaped pieces to glue to his neck. Now these characters are ready to cause a scene!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF