Make this Father’s day special, get your hands dirty and make this creative gift for Dad. 


What you will need:

  • Micador Easy Wash paint pack 
  • Micador jR painting paper 
  • Micador Lotus palette 
  • Micador jR. Safe scissors 
  • Micador jR Future kids paint brushes 
  • Micador jR Colourfun markers 
  • Optional: Frame 





Step 1 : Prepare your paper!

Using the Micador jR Safe scissors cut the paper to the desired size or the size of your frame.

Step 2 : Paint those hands!

Using your paint brush apply an even coat of paint to your hands.

Step : 3 Press and print!

Firmly place painted hands (fingers facing downwards) to the centre of the paper.

Step 4 : Final Touches!

Using a marker write the message ‘Hands down Best Dad Ever’ Optional: frame your masterpiece!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF