Get creative this Father’s Day using the Early StART Stamp and Colour sets to make these playful cards for Dad!


What you will need: 

  • Early StART Stamp and Colour (Pets or Sea) 
  • Early StART Scribble Pad, A3 
  • Early StART Safety Scissors 
  • Any marker for the writing e.g., early StART Chunky Markers, Stay Anywhere Permanent Marker etc. 





Step 1 : Make your cards!

Fold and cut your paper to the desired card size.

Step 2 : Start Stamping!

Using the Micador early start Stamp & Colour Mini Pets or Sea collection, choose your desired animal to stamp the front cover of the card.

Step 3 : Colour!

Using the crayons that are included in the set, colour in all the animals that have been stamped.

Step 4 : Final Touches!

Write your special message to Dad!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF