Use watercolours and kraft paper to create your own hand-made interactive card to give to a loved one this Valentine's Day!


You Will Need:

  • Micador For Artists Kraft Paper, A4
  • Micador For Artists Rains Watercolour Paper, DL
  • Micador For Artists Brilliant Watercolour Discs – Spring Collection
  • Paint brush
  • Double sided tape
  • Micador Stay Anywhere Permanent Pen
  • Scissors or a scalpel
  • Ruler




Step 1: Cut!

Cut out the pieces of your card from the kraft paper. You will need one piece that is 22cm x 15cm (this will be the main piece and will be folded in half), one piece that is 11cm x 15cm (this will be the backing piece) and a small strip measuring 10cm x 1.5cm (this will be the sliding tab).

Step 2: Build!

Cut out a small semi-circle in the middle of the right-hand edge of the main card piece. Do this to the backing piece as well. Our cut-out sits 6.5cm from the top and bottom of the card. You will also need to cut a slit in the middle of the card, the same length as, and in line with, the semi-circle. Our slit it 7cm from the right-hand edge of the card. Feed part of the sliding tab through this slit. Apply double sided tape to your backing piece (leaving the cut-out uncovered) and stick to the back of the main card piece. It should meet edge to edge and the sliding tab should be able to move in between the two pieces.

Step 3: Paint!

Draw 3 hearts onto a piece of watercolour paper, 2 small hearts and 1 large one. Colour these hearts using your Brilliant Watercolour Discs. We applied plain water to our hearts and added colour onto the wet page to create a soft marbling effect. Allow to dry then cut out the hearts.

Step 4: Attach!

Use double sided tape to attach the larger love heart to the front of the card and stick the 2 smaller hearts on the inside. One of the smaller hearts will go roughly 1cm from the edge of the card, the other will stick onto the tab. If placed correctly, the heart attached to the tab should move as you pull the tab in and out – travelling to and away from the other heart. Lastly, write your Valentines Day message using the permanent pen.
Download this info as a takeaway PDF