Create your own faux stained glass rose using craft glue and Easy Wash Paint. Display the finished piece near a window and watch the colours pop as the light shines through!


You can download our rose template here if you would like to use the same design. 


You Will Need:

  • Picture frame
  • Craft glue with a pointed nozzle
  • Micador Achiever Brush Pack - 3pk
  • Micador jR. Easy Wash Paint - Brights
  • Micador For Artists Fixative
  • Rose template
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Micador Lotus Palette





Step 1: Outline!

First, we need to make black glue. Pour out half of the craft glue into a separate container for later use. Add black acrylic paint into the empty half of the craft glue bottle and shake to combine. You may need to stick the end of a paint brush into the bottle to help mix the two together. Print out your rose template and dismantle the picture frame so the glass is separate from the frame. Place the rose template underneath the glass and start using the black glue to outline the shape of the rose onto the glass. This is easiest to do if your craft glue bottle has a pointed nozzle. Allow the glue to dry – this may take most of the day.

Step 2: Mix!

Using the excess glue that was saved, pour some into the dishes of the lotus palette. Mix a drop or two of the Easy Wash Paint in with the glue to colour it. The more drops of paint you add, the stronger the colour will be. We prepared 3 colours for our piece: red, yellow and green.

Step 3: Paint!

Use a paintbrush and the coloured glue to paint within the black outlines of the rose. In smaller areas, it helps to dab the glue into the sections rather than painting with strokes. Once completed, allow to dry for a few hours. The thicker the glue areas, the longer it will take to dry.

Step 4: Display!

Once dry, spray your painting with fixative to protect the glue (this is best done outside or in a well-ventilated area). Place your glass back into the frame – without the frame backing – and display in front of a window. The light will shine through the coloured glue to create a stained glass window effect!
Download this info as a takeaway PDF