Micador | Meet The Bomsy Crew | Micador





Bomsy Cracktus:


  • He likes to communicate by holding up signs.
  • He’s a bit clumsy.
  • Scared of chickens!!
  • He’s a big softie.
  • Being a cactus, he loves gardening.
  • Likes to be in the desert!



Dr Dawg:


  • He’s an artist and loves to draw
  • He’s always carries around art materials.
  • Likes to draw on things and colour them in
  • He likes to collect things
  • Has a Spanish alter-ego called Arf Bandito!




  • Frank is the smallest of the gang
  • He’s clumsy and always knocking things over.
  • Frank is messy
  • Frank and Dr Dawg are best friends
  • Frank likes to watch Dr Dawg drawing and painting




  • Klump likes to fly in balloons and on planes
  • He’s good at roller skating
  • Likes inventing things
  • Likes helping people


Boz n Snoz:


  • Boz and Snoz are pranksters
  • Like to tell jokes
  • Like to tease Bomsy because of his fear of chickens
  • Like to set up practical jokes
  • They are the same but different.


Mr Snap Snap:


  • Is an antagonist (in a good way)
  • Can be a bit snappy
  • “You made a mess of that!”




  • Is a friendly dinosaur
  • Enjoys a good belly laugh
  • Loves jam tarts.
  • Likes painting.