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Bespoke and organise your space with Collected & Co.


Collected & Co. is a line of fashion stationery that you can customise to suit you and your surroundings. Collected & Co. comes in three styles; moody urban Grey, sleek modern White and gorgeous recycled Natural.


The range includes boxes, notebooks, pens, folders, accessories to organise your home and workspace and much, much more. Each Collected & Co. item is designed as a beautiful object in it’s own right, but that’s only the beginning.


A key feature of the range is the ability to customise each item with a variety of decorative stickers, tapes and accessories.


Everybody is unique, and everyone likes to do things their own way. Do you like your notebooks covered in stickers and coffee stains? Or do you prefer your space to be clean and perfectly organised, cool and uncluttered?


However you want your space to be, Collected & Co. puts creative control in your hands.

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