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Australian Animal Paper Mobile

Perfect for the nursery, a kids room or a classroom!
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60 Minutes
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Jazz up your space with something you made with your own two hands!

Get your supplies!

You will need:

  • Micador Create it Art Pad – Two ColourMagic

  • Micador Create it Art Pad – Black and White

  • Micador Stay Everywhere Permanent Pen

  • Micador Scissors

  • early stART Glue

  • Paper/plastic ring plates

  • String

  • Hole puncher

Step 1: Create your animals

Get your coloured paper that you wish to use for your animals and sketch out a silhouette of the animal on it and then cut it out. Then using another colour paper cut out some of the animals details i.e. bill or spikes. Repeat this for each animal you want to add. Remember that you want your animals to be double sided, so fold over the paper when you cut it out.

Step 2: Stick them together

Stick your animal pieces together and draw on their faces and define body parts like legs and arms. Use a hole puncher to punch a hole to attach the string. Cut enough string so that there is enough to attack to the ring and to tie together up the top.

Step 3: Make the ring!

Using a plastic plate cut out the middle of it to make your ring. You can decorate it by wrapping matching string around it and try using some yellow pompoms and cut out some green leaves form paper to make some Native Australian Wattle plants.

Step 4: Attach everything together!

Attach your animals to the ring and then gather all the bits of left over string and tie them together at the top.