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Fluoro Paint Flower Garland

This fun activity involves a bit of paint, a bit of cutting and a bit of threading!
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60 Minutes
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A DIY garland that encourages muscle development through cutting and threading.

Get your supplies!

You will need:

  • A couple of egg cartons

  • early stART Fluoro Washable Paint Discs

  • early stART Stuff For Painting

  • A container of water

  • Scissors

  • A sharp pencil of skewer

  • Drinking straws

  • String or plastic craft thread

  • early stART art smock

  • Micador Splat Mat

Step 1: Cut up your egg carton

Cut apart each section of the egg side of the carton until you have lots of little cups.

Step 2: Paint!

Using the fluoro colours, paint the carton inside and out. Try different patterns for brighter flowers.

Step 3: Make petals!

Once dry, use scissors to cut the tops of the carton cups into flower petal shapes and then use a sharp pencil or skewer and carefully poke a hole in the centre of each cup.

Step 4: Join the garland!

Cut straws into 3-5cm lengths and use string to thread the flowers onto the straws. Continue to alternate flowers and straws until you have a garland!