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Fluoro Shadow Box

This is a fun recycled process art activity. Look through your recycling and grab an empty cereal, muesli or biscuit box to use!
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60 Minutes
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A recycled process art activity for pre school and primary school students.

Get your supplies!

You will need:

  • Micador jR. Easy Wash Paint - Fluoro, 60ml Tubs, Pack 4

  • A recycled box

  • Micador jR. Safe Scissors

  • Tape

  • Two sided colour paper

  • early stART Glue stick

  • Paint brush

  • Black marker pen

  • Hole punch

  • 15cm of string

Step 1: Line and Flick it

Line your box with a piece of coloured paper. Flick drops of paint onto a sheet of A4 white paper. Allow the paint to dry.

Step 2: Draw

While paint is drying, use your black marker to draw a family portrait onto a sheet of white paper. Make sure that your drawing will fit inside the box. Use scissors to cut around your drawing.

Step 3: Put it together

Assemble your shadow box. Trim the neon drip paper to fit in the box and paste down with glue stick.

Step 4: Paste down the portrait

Paste down the portrait onto the flick paper. Make two holes on the top of the box and thread through your string and then make a knot. Display your artwork on the wall!