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Glow in the Dark Nocturnal Animals

Create a nocturnal scene and bring it to life with the Micador Dark Arts Magic Black Light!
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45 Minutes
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Nocturnal animals are fascinating creatures, but as they are more active at night they are hard to spot - until now! Print out your chosen nocturnal animal from the templates provided in the takeaway pdf below and choose from a possum, bat or owl – or just print them all!

Step 1: Pick an animal!

Print out your chosen Micador nocturnal animal template. For best results trace onto Roymac Rains watercolour paper (or cartridge paper as it will last longer than copy paper, which will buckle and rip when wet).

Step 2: Add pencil detail

Depending on the animal chosen, add detail with pencil – for example draw some ears, eyes, nose, legs or perhaps claws. Add tone and shadows to accentuate the animal’s features and patterns of its fur. If using our fluoro oil pastels, use a resist technique and draw stripes and line detail prior to applying your paint. As water resists oil, you will retain the detail applied underneath and the pastel work will still glow on your finished product.

Step 3: Painting time

Paint over outlines with Micador fluoro watercolour paint. Leave eyes unpainted until the end, so you maintain the whites of the eyes and add your chosen colour to the iris (e.g. blue or yellow). Once paint has dried, try our fluoro Silky Twistaz to add some fun detail, like lines or spots! As this product is water-soluble it must be applied at the end (after painting).

Step 4: Ready, Set…

Punch a hole in your artwork and attached some string to it. Next, secure to a tree or hang it inside from a plant in a darkened room. Grab your Micador Dark Arts Magic Black Light and…

Step 5: GLOW!

Try this at night (or in a room with the lights off) - shine a Micador Dark Arts Magic Black Light on your creations and watch your nocturnal animals come to life!