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How to Draw an Eye with Micador Colourush Pencils

Follow these simple steps to learn how to draw an eye!
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Once you get the hang of things, start experimenting with interesting colour combinations in your Micador ColouRush Colour Pencils.

Get your supplies!

You will need:

  • Micador Visual Art Diary Black, A4

  • A reference of an eye

  • Micador ColouRush 12 Colour Pencils

Step 1: Create an outline!

Lightly sketch an almond shape. With the inner corner of the eye tilting down. Now draw your iris. Add interest by cutting off the top of the iris slightly, this prevents your eye looking as though it is blankly staring!

Step 2: Add some details!

Draw a smaller circle for the pupil and draw a tiny angled square in the top right corner for a highlight! Draw a line above and below the eye for the eyelids, mimicking the shape of the eye. Leave more of a gap between the eye and upper lid.

Step 3: Shading!

Fill in the pupil with a dark colours (black or dark brown). Play around with the tone and warmth of colours. Lightly shade the iris and add some lines around the iris, starting from the pupil going outwards. Add in some flecks of colours.

Step 4: Final Touches!

Add shading along the lids and around the inner edges of the eye to create depth. The darkest parts of an eye are the pupil and the lash line, so keep adding shading to those areas until you’re happy. Finally, lightly add lashes!