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How to Make a Paper Plane

Use these 4 simple steps to make a perfect beginner ‘BullDog Dart’ paper plane!
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60 Minutes
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Learn how to create metallic abstract art inspired by crystal geodes!

Get your supplies!

You will need:

  • Micador Create It Art Pad Colourfun A4


Step 1: Make the point!

Fold the paper in half lengthwise and then fold the two top corners down so they meet in the center crease.

Step 2: Fold the corners in again!

Flip the paper over and fold in the corners again to the center crease.

Step 3: Fold the top point down to make the stubby nose!

Fold the top point down so that the tip meets the bottom of where the previous folds come together. This is what gives the paper plane its name!

Step 4: Make the wings!

Fold the entire plane in half on itself. Fold the wings down to make a straight line across the top. Repeat on the other side.