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PermaPainters Nature Wall Hanging

Use our PermaPainters to create unique wall art from materials you can find outside!
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45 Minutes
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Try this idea to add a one of a kind piece of art to your home! The best part is, you can source most of the items from your backyard or local park!

You Will Need:

  • PermaPainters

  • String/Yarn

  • A large sturdy stick

  • Leaves/Sticks/Feathers

  • Scissors

Step 1: Find Your Materials

Take a walk and find a large sturdy stick and then smaller sticks, leaves or feathers to hang from it.

Step 2: Draw

Once you’ve gathered your materials from nature, draw colourful patterns on the items you intent to hang with your PermaPainters. We left the large stick plain so as not to take away from the hanging items.

Step 3: Attach

Tie yarn onto the ends of your larger, sturdy stick and join the ends with a knot. This will be used to hang up your work. Then begin to attach the hanging pieces to the large stick with more yarn. To attach the leaves, carefully pierce a hole in your leaf, just big enough to slide your yarn through. Then tie a knot and attach.

Step 4: Display

Now your wall hanging is ready to display. You can hang it flat on a wall or even have it dangling from the ceiling. If you prefer to gift your artwork, it would make a cute crib mobile for any friends who are expecting!