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Story Stones

Story Stones develop thinking skills and oral language. They also foster creativity and trigger kids’ (and big kids’) imaginations!
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45 Minutes
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There is no right or wrong way to play with story stones – you can use them in a class setting as an educational aid, as a party game or for solitary play!

Step 1: Start Drawing!

Using Micador AquaPainters, draw your story elements directly onto your stones. The more the merrier, variety enhances your story telling sessions. Draw inspiration from books, magazines and family photo albums!

Step 2: Layering

With the story stone elements that feature more than one colour you may require a few layers to create the complete image. In these instances, make sure you allow for adequate drying time before adding the next layer to the stone.

Step 3: Story Telling

Sit some children in a circle and place your story stones in the middle. Ask a child to select one and start telling a story with a sentence. Continue around the circle so that each child draws a stone and adds another sentence to the story!

Step 4: Sorting Stones

Encourage children to sort their story stones. Ask them to group the stones by categories or types such as people, animals, size or colours. This organising and sorting activity can help children work on their early math skills.