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70 Interesting Facts about Micador


As Micador was established in 1952 we though it was a good time to pull together 70 things you may not know about us!

1) Micador was founded in 1952 by Michael A. Dortimer, a Polish immigrant and holocaust survivor.

2) The Micador name derives from our founder's name, Michael A. Dortimer.

3) Micador is pronounced "Mick-a-door", our friends in the US often refer to us as Mike-a-door :).

4) The company started on the back of a handshake between Michael and his bank who lent him $500.

5) Today, Micador is home to seven of its own brands and is a distributor for four additional brands.

6) Micador exports to 10+ countries. Most of our overseas visitors to micador.com.au reside in the US. Followed by the UK and Germany.

7) Micador is Australian owned and operated.

8) Micador is, and always will be, a family company.

9) It's currently 3rd generation owned and in the past we have had many a daughter or son in for work experience, fathers and sons working together in the warehouse, uncles and nephews in management and even sisters working in our sales and marketing teams!

10) Ben Dortimer, the owner of Micador Group, has been with the company since 1999.

11) Our products are designed in Australia (yes, our in-house designers are pretty good)!

12) Micador jR. Globe4Kids- Blue Ocean, 30cm Adventure Edition was the recipient of the 2018 European Product Design Award and the Gold IDA Toy Design Award.

13) The Micador jR. E.S.C.A.P.E Table was the recipient of the Bronze IDA Toy Design Award in 2018.

14) Our products are made in countries from all over the world, such as Italy, Japan, France, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Germany, USA, India, China, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, and... Australia!

15) As of July 2022, 60% of our leadership team are female.

16) Like Australia, we are a melting pot of backgrounds and cultures. Our team comes from all over the world such as India, France, Netherlands, Hong Kong, China and, of course, Australia to name a few!

17) Our team are a talented bunch, for instance one of our senior designers is well known for painting pet portraits!

18) Our longest-serving team member has been with Micador for 38 years! (Trevor joined us in 1984)

19) Micador employees enjoy staff discounts, free parking and can take their birthdays off.

20) Our first feature brand ad was filmed in 2016 (watch it here)

21) In 2019 we filmed a special ad that showed how Micador gives you the simple bits… chances to breathe and take some time for yourself.

22) Our most popular video on YouTube was a Micador jR. WorldBuilda unboxing video with vlogging family FourieFamCam which has received over 97,000 views!

23) In 2020, we supported Australian schools devastated by bush fires by donating 50 x Art Room Rescue Bundles valued at over $1,000.

24) In March 2022, we helped Australian schools impacted by the floods in NSW and QLD with bulk art supply packs valued at over $1,000 each.

25) Ben Dortimer, the owner of Micador Group, became involved with Mirabel in 2001, donating art materials for gifts and therapy. From there, his support of Mirabel grew and Ben joined the Board of Management in 2007 and was made treasurer in 2012. At the end of 2014, Ben was asked to Chair the Board of Management and remains in that role.

26) During the pandemic in 2021, we sent 140 Amazing Ideas packs to the vulnerable children that Mirabel supports, we also offered 100 packs to Australian families facing financial hardship.

27) In 2022, Micador proudly started donating $5 from every online order to the Mirabel Foundation!

28) In 2010, we made a commitment to do our part to make an impact on climate change and sustainability. Not by bringing in a “green range”, but by changing our products to be sustainable with the introduction of Green eARTh product classification.

29) To be classified as part of Micador’s green eARTh™ range, each product must have a real and significant environmental benefit.

30) If you see a green tipped pencil or marker, or a green paint brush handle, you can be sure it’s a product from our green eARTh range.

31) Micador has established itself as a true leader and known innovator with a strong focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing (not for hype but because we believe in it!).

32) Audits are conducted bi-annually to monitor progress as the organisation continues to work tirelessly with their suppliers to create and contribute to a more sustainable future.

33) Today, all Micador wood handle paint brushes are made from 100% FSC certified wood.

34) All Micador pencils are made from 100% FSC certified wood. All Micador wooden rulers are made from 100% FSC certified wood.

35) All of Micador’s paper-based products are FSC certified.

36) Micador is amongst the first companies in Australia to be awarded an FSC® chain of custody certification, allowing us to mark our products as complying with strict FSC® criteria. 

37) Micador’s focus has always been on making a difference, not trying to profit from it.

38) The company has absorbed the extra costs of making its products green.

39) By the end of 2023, Micador has promised customers that 100% of all Micador products will be “single-use” plastic-free.

40) Micador has also committed to use product packaging that is FSC certified, made from recycled and recyclable materials, and are reusable or eliminated where not required.

41) Micador has been a leading brand in Australian schools since 1952.

42) We have over 900 products to offer our customers.

43) Our cheapest product is one of our erasers which retails at 40c and our most expensive product is one of our Replogle globes which retails at $3,000.

44) If you see Micador scissors with green handles, they are for left handers!

45) Sometimes our products are used in unexpected ways, for instance our paint brush wallets are favoured by dentists to hold their tools and utensils.

46) Also our early stART range has been used in nursing homes to help those with arthritis or fine motor issues (the chunky barrels allow for easy grip so they can still draw and paint).

47) In 2017, a customer called Christine found her highschool pencil case from 30 years prior and contacted us say that her red Micador pen still worked!

48) Our Pinterest boards are viewed on average over 40,000 times per month

49) There are 484,000 results on Google for 'Micador'.

50) The #micador hash tag has been used over 8,000 times by creatives and artists on Instagram.

51) We often get our quirky product names from our team and sometimes even from our team members' children! Some products have been named after team members too. 

52) In 2021, we launched M.SHIELD Antibacterial, a range featuring products that include disinfectant additives proven to kill bacteria.

53) All the products in the M.SHIELD range has been tested for efficacy against the Staphylococcus and E. coli bacteria.

54) The company has absorbed the extra costs of adding M.SHIELD Antibacterial to its products.

55) In 2021, Micador transformed its website into an interactive experience - a joy at the front but powerful at the back.

56) Micador has been credited to playing a foundational role in Australia’s Indigenous Art Industry.

57) Michael Dortimer supplied Artist Boards and other items including brushes to Papunya and Hermannsburg.

58) Since then, Micador has collaborated with the late Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri’s youngest daughter, Michelle Possum, whose custom artwork is featured on the Micador For Artists AquaPainters Autumn Collection. Most recently, Micador also collaborated with Gabriella Possum, whose custom artwork is featured on the Micador Stretched Canvas, FSC 100%.

59) Micador has collaborated with Australian artists that include Michelle Possum, Cindy Lane, Sarah Hankinson and Hayley Welsh for custom artwork that feature on our product packaging.

60) Micador Group is the exclusive distributor of Replogle globes in Australia and New Zealand.

61) Dark Arts was the world’s first comprehensive collection of glow-in-the-dark art and craft activities and materials.

62) The world’s toy safety standards are very strict and it's challenging to make products that meet their criteria for the under three age group. For this reason, most companies steer away. Not us! We’ve given them a whole range (check out early stART).

63) To see how our oil pastels are superior in quality, snap one in half - ours are solid, not hollow like our competitors.

64) One of our pet peeves is when people spell stationery incorrectly (stationary…NO!)

65) Another pet peeve is when people refer to markers in general as Textas… (Nope. Don't do it)

66) We designed and created a family of characters in 2013 called the Bomsy Crew.

67) With names like Bomsy, BozSnoz, Dr Dawg, and Belly Boo it should be no surprise that each character has their own quirky personality traits!

68) Our Bomsy crew add a bit a fun to our designs and appear on our website and on our kids’ range product packaging.

69) Our product range starts with 1+ year olds and goes right through to 100+ year olds that use our products. We truly do have something for everyone.

70) At 70 years of age, we've got more energy and drive than ever - watch as we become Australia's most most green, most caring and most loved brand!