Our News / Insider Access: Micador For Artists Brilliant Watercolours Designer Series

Insider Access: Micador For Artists Brilliant Watercolours Designer Series


Inspired by the design-led photographs of renowned photographer and designer, George Byrne, Micador’s new Brilliant Watercolours Designer Series is a fresh face on the watercolour disc scene.

The three new colour palettes, Hotel Pools, Tropics and Miami Streets, were developed with designers in mind and their desire to use both traditional mediums and digital tools to stand out from the crowd. 

Research showed that graphic, fashion and industrial designers all place a lot of importance on the palettes they work with, so creating a range that not just complemented their craft, but also encouraged them to push the boundaries of their imagination was a driving force in the development.

“The idea is to offer these artists a collection of quick design solutions in the form of carefully thought-out ranges of colour,”says Micador’s Senior Designer, Simon Hart. 

The packaging features vibrant and impactful photographs exclusively licensed by artist, George Byrne. Originally from Sydney, Byrne now lives and works in Los Angeles, creating vivid “dreamscapes” by combining photography, manipulation and assemblage; a magical amalgamation that has earnt him global popularity. Inspired by Byrne’s striking work, the colour choices are targeted so that the tones and hues selected have a strong visual impact when used together.

“We have tried to capture groups of colours that portray certain emotions, moods or impressions,” says Hart.

Just like our best-selling Brilliant Watercolour Discs, the Designer Series palettes are highly pigmented, with aniline ink intensity for rich and vibrant colours, setting them apart from other products in the market. The innovative pack design twists together so you can easily take your colours on the go. In addition, the lid doubles as a palette, making it the perfect field kit for students, emerging artists or designers too. 

When asked what his favourite feature of the product was, Hart identifies the colour guide along the spine of the product, with RGB codes for designers who want to look up the exact colours. Placed on the shelf this way, the palettes can be quickly selected for whatever design job is required. It’s these cleverly thought-out attributes, in addition to exclusive collaborations, that ensures Micador remains ahead of the curve, developing products that go that little bit further, helping people get that little bit better. 

When asked if we will continue to collaborate with artists’ artwork in the future, Micador’s Brands and Product Manager, Colinda Raven, said "It's absolutely our intention to work with other artists for future ranges as well." We can’t wait!