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Sustainable Creativity


Sustainable Creativity

There are many recognised Earth, Recycle and Sustainability Days celebrated around the world each year. But at Micador, we don’t wait for these days to plan sustainable initiatives or activities; we believe every day give us opportunities to be considerate about the products we purchase and use. We want to become Australia’s most green, most caring and most loved brand. We care for the community and the planet and we want you to as well! The great thing about art is that you can create amazing things with just about anything. You don’t need to buy new products every time you feel the creative urge, there are plenty of ways to go green at home! Here are some tips for simple ways to get green.

 Check your recycle bin

 Everyday household items can provide some of the most interesting art materials and letting the kids hunt for treasure in the recycle bin is a great way to get them involved too. Milk bottles, egg cartons, lids, boxes, even the cardboard tube from a toilet roll can be used in your arts and crafts! Each time you get an online order delivered, look at it as an opportunity to source new art materials. Cardboard is great to use as a canvas, bubble wrap can be dipped in paint and used as a stamp and the foam or loose fill used to protect items in transit can even be repurposed as eyes or hair or coloured in and assembled on cardboard as a mosaic!

 Forage in the garden

 Leaves, sticks, rocks and even pinecones can make great art and craft materials and they’re usually easy to find outside. Try your hand at “dot” painting by dipping the end of a stick in paint and then dotting on paper. Or have a go at using a leaf as a stamp and admire the texture and pattern it transfers with paint on paper. You can even paint a pinecone with all of the colours of the rainbow. There is no limit to where your imagination can take you and nature is rich with inspiration.

 Use kitchen items

 Kitchen drawers are often home to some interesting objects and a lot of them can be used in your art projects! Cookie cutters make great stencils - simply put them on paper and use pencils, crayons, markers or paint to colour in the shape. Potato mashers make great stamps if you dip the flat end into paint and then print patterns on paper. Even forks and whisks can be used to create unique and fluid lines with paint.

 Now that you have your materials, you can decorate your masterpieces with eco-friendly products from our green eARTh™ range. This range includes specially made products that have a real and significant environmental benefit, like wood handled paint brushes, pencils, rulers and paper-based products that are made with 100% FSC® certified wood.

 See the full range here

 Our green commitment

 By the end of 2023, Micador has committed to stamping out the use of single use plastic packaging unless it is biodegradable. All packaging will either be made from FSC® certified material, recycled material, recyclable material, reusable or eliminated where not required. We’re amongst the first companies in Australia to be awarded an FSC® chain of custody certification, allowing us to mark our products as complying with strict FSC® criteria.

 We want to make a real difference without the cost to our planet, or to you, and we hope you can strive to go green too.