Micador | Soft Pastels- Artist.

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Designed in Australia. Manufactured in China.

• Quality soft square shaped pastels in a fantastic range of vibrant colours that can be used wet or dry.
• Quality, finely ground pigments for vibrant colours.
• Made from quality calcium carbonate- soft for easy application, but firm enough not to crumble under pressure.
• Great square shape- won't roll off the work surface.
• Fine edges can be used for detail work.
• Flat edges can be used for fast colour lay-down.
• Brilliant colours and excellent lightfastness.
• Available in boxes of 12, 24 and 48 colours.

Average rating for Micador For Artists Artist Soft Pastel Sets
5.0 out of 5 based on 1 user review.

Richly pigmented and ultra-soft! by Georgie Kreutzer on 03 Jul 2018 11:19am

Micador For Artists Soft Pastels have become a staple in my toolbox. They are so richly pigmented and ultra-soft, so if you're after a blendable pastel these are hard to beat. I like to use them as a soft base colour, or blending skin tones, skies, or clouds. I do this by transferring large swathes of colour to the paper using the sides of the stick and blend with a brush or tissue, or grind a little pastel into a powder and transfer with a large, dry brush. The result is a soft, gauzy spread of colour that can be fixed easily with fixative and worked over. (I'd recommend Micador's Workable Matte Fixative for that!). See the soft pastels in action over at my Instagram: @georgina_kreutzer

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