Micador | Twistaz Silky.

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Acid Free Acid Free
Non-toxic Non-toxic

Designed in Australia. Manufactured in Korea.

• Silky smooth colour stick made from a gel, pastel and crayon formula.
• Rich and creamy consistency of colour stick enables a thick, luscious colour lay-down.
• Non-toxic and acid free- suitable for young users.
• Watersoluble- achieve beautiful effects by blending with a wet brush.
• Easily washes out of clothes, furniture and walls.
• Can produce lines of 11mm thick or as thin as 1mm.
• Use on black, white and coloured paper.

Average rating for Micador Twistaz Silky
5.0 out of 5 based on 1 user review.

So smooth and creamy! by Jackie G on 21 Dec 2016 12:02pm

My kids love these! I wondered what all the fuss was about, so I had a go and loved how smoothly they glided on the paper. A real joy to use (very vibrant too). I'd recommend them.

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