Roymac Revolution, FSC 100%

By Roymac


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Product Details:
Designed in Australia. Manufactured in Sri Lanka.

• Made using our unique Revolution Taklon technology - microscopic pock marks on the taklon fibres replicate the scaling on natural hair. This means better material holding capacity and smooth, even release; stiffer filaments for sharper points and edges; and better fibre elasticity for superior spring and recovery.
• Roymac Revolution Brushes perform like sable, for a fraction of the price and no animals are harmed!

• The Mitre is similar in shape to a Filbert brush but features a sharper angled shape, which leads to a fine detail point.
• Suitable for thin to broad strokes and excellent for lineal work.

  • Good belly size is useful for carrying colour to cover large areas.
  • Tapered point on brush head allows the painting of finer details.

One Stroke Wash

  • Flat wash brush with long fibres is easy to load with pigment.
  • Ideal for long strokes, broad colour coverage, background washes and great for glazing.


• Ideal shading brush where short, controlled strokes are required.
• Clean, hard edge for linear work.

• Shaped at the tip like an oval, this versatile brush produces a smooth, rounded stroke and is ideal for soft edging effects.
• Ideal for sketching work, thin to broad strokes, shape details and highlights.
Quill Mop
• A great, all purpose watercolour brush with a round mop shape that has the ability to load a large amount of colour for extensive wash work, while the tapered point is suitable for detail work.
• Brush has a well-balanced, metallic blue handle and a nickel plated ferrule.
• The rigger is also known as a script liner.
• The extra length hair allows the user to have continuity of colour application in lineal work without having to keep reloading.
• Best results are achieved by using the entire length of hair.