Micador Dark Arts

Micador Dark Arts. Activities and materials that glow in the dark!

Who buys our stuff?

Parents (influenced by their children), Gift Givers

Who uses our stuff?

Children 3+ years

What do we promise?

Products and activities that are fun and wickedly educational.

How do our friends describe us?

Exciting, Adventurous, Curious, Imaginative

Micador Dark Arts is the world’s first comprehensive collection of glow in the dark art and craft activities and materials. Featuring phosphorescent and fluorescent products, they’re exciting fun on their own, plus you can maximise the glow with the Magic Black Light!

This innovative, exciting and fascinating category is awesome fun and wickedly educational! Glow in the dark is a category with thousands of Pinterest boards and blogs dedicated to all sorts of fun art and craft activities using products with phosphorescent and fluorescent properties.

With Micador Dark Arts, there is finally a product range that brings it all together.

Our Magic Black Light shines invisible Ultraviolet (UV) light. This makes our Fluoro Glow products glow brightly and energises our Glow in the Dark products so they glow brighter for longer.

Read on for some SPOOKY SCIENCE and awesome GLOW FACTS AND IDEAS!


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