Leading the industry with our green commitment and breadth of range

In 2010 we made a commitment to do our part to make an impact on climate change and sustainability. Not by bringing in a “green range”, but by changing our products to be sustainable with the introduction of Green eARTh product classification. We are proud of how far we have come in 10 years, and believe we are leading the industry with our commitment and breadth of range.

Audits will be conducted bi-annually to monitor progress as we continue to work tirelessly with our suppliers to create and contribute to a more sustainable future.

We’re committed to doing even more!

What have we achieved so far?

All of our wood handle paint brushes are made from 100% FSC certified wood

All of our pencils are made from 100% FSC certified wood

All of our wooden rulers are made from 100% FSC certified wood

All of our paper based products are FSC certified

So, what's next?

By the end of 2023 we are committed to:100% of Micador products do not use single use plastic packaging unless it is biodegradable.
All packaging to be either:

- FSC certified,

- Made from recycled material,

- Made from recyclable material,

- Reusable or

- Eliminated where not required.

Our commitment to responsible forestry

FSC helps forests remain thriving environments for generations to come, by setting the standards for what a responsibly managed forest is, both environmentally and socially. We are committed to sourcing FSC certified wood for out products

Learn about FSC

Our membership with the world’s leading ethical trade service providers

Micador’s factories share information about their workforce composition and the labour, environment, health and safety and business ethics performance of their supply chains, including independent audits. So when you see the Sedex Membership label, you know the product comes from a supply chain that is committed to responsible social and environmental outcomes.

Introducing our green eARTh™ range

Since 2010, we’ve made a number of changes. Some aren’t too unnoticeable, but combined have a big impact. Like changing a plastic wallet from PVC to 100% recyclable PP, for instance. Other changes have been pretty dramatic. And that’s where our green eARTh™ range comes in!

green eARTh™ is an environmentally friendly range of products that have been specially designed and made. To be classified as part of our green eARTh™ range, each product must have a real and significant environmental benefit, satisfying one or more of the following criteria:

• Made with FSC® 100% certified timber;

• Made from recycled materials;

• Made with bio-degradable materials;

• Manufactured using clean energy sources;

• 100% recyclable, when their market alternatives aren’t.

We’re amongst the first companies in Australia to be awarded an FSC® chain of custody certification, allowing us to mark our products as complying with strict FSC® criteria. Our focus is on making a difference, not trying to profit from it. We have absorbed the extra costs of making our products green, so that we can sell them to you at the same price we did before.

Help us make a real difference without the cost to our planet, or to you.