Our Purpose, People and DNA

Did you ever wake up and... just wonder what your purpose is?

Businesses should do that too.

At Micador our purpose is to:

  • - Make great products (that we love).

  • - Create amazing content that helps people get better.

  • - Care for our community.

  • - Care for our planet.

It’s people that make Micador.

A business needs a strategy, it needs funds and it needs customer support. Most of all, however, it needs the right people.

People are what brings everything to life, what drives the positives and helps through the negatives. So more than anything else, it’s the people that make Micador.

Our team is a wonderful and ever changing mix of old and new, young and experienced, qualified and life learnt. We have two people who have been with us more than 20 years and many who have been here more than 10.

Like Australia, we are a melting pot of backgrounds and cultures.

What we truly are, though, is a team. It’s bandied around a lot that word. Here it’s real. We see business as a lot like sport and what makes us a team and a successful one is our harmony and our drive to achieve a common goal.

When people meet us, they feel it. Micador is really like no other business on earth. From little things like getting your birthday off and supporting your healthy lifestyle, to the fact that your opinions are sought and acted on, Micador’s people are the reason for our success.

Here it is a real meritocracy, where you achieve based on what you contribute, not based on old fashioned rules. Here you are encouraged to challenge the status quo. There is no place for politics and bitching here, people are encouraged to speak up to make a change, rather than complaining to those that can’t.

Here, people love what they do.


We have a very simple and understood set of behaviours, or DNA, which was created by our Leadership Team and this is the basis for our recruiting, our check ins and our way of operating at Micador.

It’s keeps us aligned and empowers us to both help each other and hold each other to account.