Tools for a connected world.

Who buys our stuff?

Parents, Educators and Students.

Who uses our stuff?

Children 5+ years.

What do we promise?

Products that help make the experience more exciting, more productive and more fun!

How do our friends describe us?

Bold, Innovative, Fun, Connected.

Why us?

Innovation and design are our core strengths, the perfect combination for a tech range.

We’ve been creating products for schools since 1952, we know the education market!

Every great story has a beginning... MCONNECTED starts now.

Dazzled by success and shiny marketing, we sometimes forget the humble beginnings of many amazing business success stories.

IKEA Founder, Ingvar Kamprad started out selling greeting cards, Christmas tree decorations, and later pencils and ball-point pens. Today the IKEA brand is the world's largest furniture maker.

Then there’s Apple. In 1975, two 20-year-old friends, Jobs and Wozniak, set up shop in Jobs' parents' garage building computers.From these humble beginnings the company has gone on to reshape the PC, tablet, telecommunication, music and TV sectors.

What do these companies have in common? An uncompromising focus on innovation and a refusal to accept that everything great has already been done.

Micador too, began humbly, with Founder Michael A. Dortimer selling greeting cards door to door. 65 years later, firmly cemented as one of the top brands in art and craft in Australia, Micador has expanded internationally and is now sold in over 10 countries around the world.

Micador’s success comes from both great design and a relentless drive to bring innovation to the customers that crave it.

Micador’s new venture into technology products combines these strengths with our deep knowledge of the Australian education market.

Introducing MCONNECTED, the beginning of another great chapter for Micador.

Digital devices have changed the way we relate to the world;we’re constantly connected and every day is filled with thousands of interactions. At Micador we want to help make your experiences with your phone, music player, tablet or computer better.

MCONNECTED is our range of digital tools that form the connection between you and your devices. Products that help make the experience more exciting, more productive and more fun!

They’re tools for a connected world.

MCONNECTED starts now!



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