Micador is proud to be a breath of fresh air in a world filled with the smog of the bland and the corporate.

Who buys our stuff?

Parents, Teachers, Students and offices.

Who uses our stuff?

Students and Hobby Artists that are 9+ years.

What do we promise?

That we will lead the market with innovative, affordable product while helping Customers and Teachers with exceptional content.

How do friends describe us?

Innovative, Reliable, Confident, Leader, Caring

Established in 1952 and still family owned, Micador is a team of innovative and passionate people, united in our quest to design amazing products for doing what you love, and to share ideas and experiences to help you grow.

It is the home brand of Micador Group and within this brand are products that we know you will love; with everything from childrens', to students’ to artists’ products.

We’re unafraid to be different and are uncompromising in our purpose to make Every Experience Amazing.


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