We all know hygiene in the classroom is important... we're here to help.

Introducing M.SHIELD Antibacterial, from Micador.

Products marked with the M.SHIELD include disinfectant additives proven to kill bacteria. Tests are conducted by accredited, independent laboratories, to ensure they exceed our strict requirements to display the M.SHIELD, including testing for efficacy against the Staphylococcus and E. coli bacteria.

As an Australian family business, Micador has been helping schools, homes and workplaces since 1952 and in times like these, will not be passing on the costs of adding M.SHIELD Antibacterial to our products.

Why do teachers want M.SHIELD?

Efficacy against the Staphylococcus and E. coli bacteria.

Helps with hygiene.

Additional production costs are not passed on; safer product at same great price.

Made by an Australian brand trusted by schools since 1952.

What are teachers saying?

94%* of teachers surveyed said that stationery products made with disinfectant additives proven to kill bacteria would alleviate their worries about hygiene in the classroom.

"I want this range in my classroom because it's made by a reputable Australian brand that we're used to seeing in schools. Plus childrens' hygiene is not great at the best of times, especially with all the sharing they do - so this added layer of protection would be very welcome!" - Ms Hynes, Primary School Teacher

95%* of teachers surveyed are concerned about hygiene in the classroom.

"We use Micador products already and know we can trust the quality so to add in that added protection is icing on the cake. Yes please." - Ms. Adams, Secondary School Teacher.

"I think any product we can get that helps in keeping our students safe is worthwhile. It is just another weapon like masks and hand sanitiser." - Ms. Southin, Primary School Teacher

"We could feel safer knowing our products are assisting our constant battle to keep all materials and students safe." - Ms. Parker, Primary School Teacher

"I’m a homeschool parent and keeping my 5 children happy and healthy is a huge part of my life. So having stationery products in our homeschool classroom with disinfectant additives proven to kill bacteria will help keep my children healthy." - Ms. Romeril, Secondary School Teacher

*Survey data and quotes taken from an online survey conducted by Micador in November 2021 with a pool of teachers in Australia working in primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, ELCs, TAFE and special need schools.