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Angel Ornaments

These paper decorations can be used for a variety of things, such as Christmas tree decorations, cards, gift tags, window decorations or bedroom doorknob hangers. Once your angel is dry, use a marker to write a note on the back of the paper. This can make a great Christmas card for your family and friends.
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It’s always fun to design and create your own decorations, so why not embrace this festive season by making your very own Angel ornaments!

Get your supplies!

You will need:

  • Brilliant Watercolour Discs

  • Achiever Round - FSC Pure

  • Rain Watercolour Paper

  • Scissors

  • Micador Stay Anywhere Permanent Pens

  • Holepunch

  • String

Step 1: Getting your template!

Use the angel template provided to cut the shape out of the Rains Watercolour Paper.

Step 2: Outline the angel!

Using a black pen, draw a line around the outside of the angel shape. Now draw lines around the bottom of her dress, collar, wings, fingers and hair. This will help to define her shape.

Step 3: Colour!

Now using the watercolour paints, together with a wet brush, add some colour and patterns to your angel’s dress and wings; lines, dots, circles, stars, anything you can think of!

Step 4: Bring her to life!

Now add some colour for her hair, skin and star. Bring her to life with as many colours as you like.

Step 5: Drying time!

Now allow the paint to dry. Once the paint is dry, punch a hole at the very top of the angel. Thread ribbon through the hole and tie it in a tight knot.

Step 6: Time to Decorate!

Now your angel is ready to be displayed! Remember, you can make as many angels as you want.