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Christmas Countdown Activity

This activity is perfect for Primary Middle School and after school care activities. It can easily be simplified for younger grades, and a playtime activity for parents and children.
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90 Minutes
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Keep the Christmas anticipation high with this awesome countdown calendar!

Get your supplies!

You will need:

  • HB Pencil

  • Lotus Palette Micador

  • Ruler

  • Vibrant Watercolour Class Pack - Black 220ml Micador

  • Achiever Round - FSC Pure

  • Rains Watercolour Paper

  • Ribbon

  • Glue

  • Micador Acrylic Paint

Step 1: Measure!

On the Rains paper measure in 1 cm from one edge of the shorter side and draw a line. Do the same a 1/2 cm from one long side edge. Now measure 22cm out form either line, to make a square 22cm x 22cm with a small border on 3 sides and a large space at the bottom.

Step 2: Measure out triangles!

Inside your square start to divide it into equal triangles. Draw two diagonal lines from corner to corner to bisect the square in two directions. Measure 11 cm from the top and draw a line through the middle and measure 11 cm from the side and draw a line through the middle. All lines should cross in the middle. You should now have 8 equal triangles.

Step 3: Trace!

Using the tracing paper, trace over the template provided and cut out the triangle. Trace the lines on the back so you have them on both sides of the tracing paper. The template will fit each triangle in your square. Make sure it is the right way up and trace off the paper with your pencil in any one of the triangles to begin.

Step 4: Repeat!

Flip, repeat for the next triangle, and continue until all are full. Take care to make sure the pattern is the right way around and the pattern meets up each time, until the star shaped pattern in ready to use.

Step 5: Start painting!

Start by painting the large star red. Only paint alternate triangles, as we are leaving half of it white. Use big brushes for large areas and small brushes for delicate jobs.

Step 6: Dry paint!

Once the red is dry (use a hairdryer to speed up drying if in a hurry) use the darkest green shade you prepared earlier to paint the negative space outside the star.

Step 7: Paint the inner star!

Paint the inner star in red and dark green, alternating cell to cell with each colour. Leave the inner cells white. Encourage your students to think about the effect that repetition of colour has on this artwork’s aesthetic.

Step 8: Paint the centre of the star!

Using the lighter green paint to colour the inside and outer cells of the hub at the centre of the star.

Step 9: Create calendar!

When the paint is dry enough, turn the page so the white space at the bottom of the design faces you. Use a ruler to draw 2cm section and then repeat to create a grid. This will become a calender.

Step 10: Paint!

Using your lightest shade of green (you want a nice translucent light green) paint in the calendar. Make sure the green is transparent enough that you can still see the lines of the grid.

Step 11: Number each day!

Now write in Dec 2012 in the 1st square (use a colour you think will work with the other colours). Fill the next 25 spaces with a numeral for each day leading up to Christmas. With the leftover spaces, write your name or a Christmas message. Decorate any spare squares with stars or other Christmas symbols. Make sure each character is evenly spaced.

Step 12: Finishing Touches!

Paint over the numerals and letters in a colour of your choice. Delicately trace around each letter to shadow it in your secondary colour. Finish it off with a ribbon if you like.