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Christmas Paper Mache Letters

Paint paper mache letters with Christmas inspired themes.
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90 Minutes
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Take your Christmas decorating to a whole new level and paint your own themed Paper Mache Letters.

Step 1

We've chosen to paint JOY with a Christmas Stocking, Christmas Wreath and Rudolph. Use a medium sized paint brush to block in the base colours. We used Scarlet Red and Black for the 'J' Stocking, Sap Green for the 'O' Wreath and Burnt Umber Brown for the 'Y' Rudolf. You'll need to then put them aside for an hour or so until dry.

Step 2

Again using a medium sized brush, dab thick amounts of the Titanium White onto the black. This helps create that soft and fluffy look of a Christmas Stocking.

Step 3

You've now created your 'J' Christmas Stocking. You could also paint Christmas patterns on top of the red.

Step 4

Now it's time to decorate your wreath with the small details. We mixed Viridian Green and Titanium White together to paint the leaves with a small brush. We then used Gold to paint different sized baubles and Scarlet Red to create the three little red dots that can be Christmas holly.

Step 5

We then finished off the wreath with a big red bow down the bottom.

Step 6

Now for the Rudolf's details! Using the small brush, use the gold to paint his antlers. We then mixed a tiny amount of white to the brown and roughly painted on his ears. Use the red to paint his big shiny nose and white for his eyes. We finished off with mixing the Red and White to make a pink for inside his ears and his mouth.

Step 7

Once the white paint for his eyes is completely dry, you can then finish by dabbing to black dots on top for his pupils. Then you're done!