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Corrugated Cardboard Stamps

Personalise your Christmas gifts this year with these festive homemade cards. Make your own Christmas tree stamps from corrugated cardboard and paint - super easy and effective!
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60 Minutes
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Personalise your Christmas gifts this year with these festive homemade cards.

Get your supplies!

You will need:

  • Greeting cards

  • 3D Paint

  • Micador 3D Paint Vibrants

  • Colourfun Brushes Flat

  • Easy Wash Paint - Metallic Gold 120ml Micador

  • Micador Sizzle Scissors

Step 1: Prepare!

Collect everything you will need for some spectacular card making. Clear yourself a workspace and put down a protective mat or some old paper.

Step 2: Make tree stamp!

Take a Greeting Card - there are natural and white ones to choose from. Also, take a piece of Corregated Cardboard and cut into a tall triangle to make your tree stamp. You can cut out loads of other shapes or even smaller tree designs - the opportunities are endless!

Step 3: Paint!

Choose a paint colour - we love festive metallics - and paint your corrugated cardboard stamp.

Step 4: Press stamp!

Flip your stamp over onto the front of your card and press your stamp in place to leave a lovely lined tree shape.

Step 5: Decorate!

Allow the paint stamp to dry and then it is time to add some decoration and a message to your card. Try decorating your Christmas tree with some 3D paint baubles. Choose a festive message for your card and write or stamp using Metallic Markers or our Collected & Co. Stamp Set. Put one on the inside of your card too! Allow to dry and your card is all ready to be written in and sent!