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Finger Painting the Four Seasons

Use our Easy Wash Finger Paint to explore the changing of the seasons with these colourful trees!
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This simple seasonal tree finger painting activity is great for kids of all ages! 

It's a fun sensory activity that will also teach children that different shades can be achieved when you mix colours. For instance the tree trunk can be created by mixing some of the primary colours that you get in your Finger Paint pack: red and green!

Get your supplies!

You will need:

  • Micador Easy Wash Finger Paint, Pack 4

  • Painting Paper Pad A3

  • Hand wipes or warm soapy water to wash hands after the activity

  • A paint palette or some cardboard to mix paint on

Step 1: Grab your finger paint and paper!

Lay out a sheet of A3 painting paper, finger paint tubs and have your hand wipes handy!

Step 2: Draw 4 trunks!

Mix red and green on a palette and create your brown paint. Use this mixture to finger paint 4 tree trunks. Clean your fingers straight afterwards with your hand wipes.

Step 3: Finger paint your leaves!

Discuss what colours you see during different seasons and then start! For spring we mixed red and blue on a palette to create a pink shade. For summer, we used green on its own, again using fingerprints to create leaves around top of the tree. For autumn, we mixed red and yellow for orange leaves. Lastly, for winter, we used blue to symbolise the cold!

Step 4: Dry and display!

Leave your artwork somewhere where it can dry. Make sure you display your artwork and if you created as a class or group, discuss the different interpretations of the seasons and which paint combinations you used to create the different seasonal shades!