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How to Draw a White Charcoal Jellyfish

Use white charcoal on black paper to create a magical glowing jellyfish!
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Use our Micador For Artists White Charcoal Pencils on black paper to create a magical glowing jellyfish!

Get your supplies!

You will need:

We recommend watching the video tutorial before you get started. To transfer or copy the jellyfish we used, download the jellyfish template here.

  • Micador For Artists Charcoal Pencils – White

  • Graphite Pencil

  • Black Paper

  • Micador Paper Stump, size 4

  • Optional: Micador For Artists Compressed Charcoal – White

Step 1: Sketch

Using a graphite pencil and a reference image, roughly sketch out the shape of the jellyfish, its arms and tentacles. You can also copy or trace the jellyfish we used from the template above.

Step 2: Add white

Apply white charcoal in the highlighted areas of the jellyfish and draw in the tentacles. When using white on black paper, we shade the subject in reverse. This means, rather than creating form by adding shadows or dark values, we do this by adding highlights and light values instead, leaving the darkest areas blank.

Step 3: Blend

Once all the white has been added, blend out the charcoal to soften the edges. As the details in this drawing are quite small, you will be using the tip of the blending stump. Go over the tentacles as well. Blending can reduce the vibrancy of the white, so layer some more charcoal on any areas that need to be enhanced.

Step 4: Add detail

Use the charcoal to shade around the head of the jellyfish, keeping a slight gap in between the charcoal and the edge of the head. Then blend out this area to make it look like the jellyfish is glowing. To finish the piece, add some final details and bubbles around your jellyfish.