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Pencil Box

Check out this fun way to present your teacher with a thank you gift!
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A fabulous way to show some teacher appreciation at the end of the year!

Get your supplies!

You will need:

  • Micador Marathon Markers

  • Create It Art Pad A4 FSC Mix - Colourfun

  • Micador jR. Safe scissors

  • early stART Glue Stick, Box 2

Step 1:

Print your base template onto coloured paper and cut out along all four sides.

Step 2:

Fold along dashed line at the bottom, then unfold again.

Step 3:

Make a cut along each solid lines along between the fold and the bottom of the template.

Step 4:

Apply glue in the area indicated on the right hand edge.

Step 5:

Bring the opposite edge over the glue strip, until it just crosses the dashed line and press together. This should create a cylinder shape.

Step 6:

Apply a little glue to the end tabs and fold them in.

Step 7:

Use a ruler or the end of a paintbrush to apply some pressure to the tabs from the inside.

Step 8:

Cut out the circle from the template, and glue this to the bottom of your cylinder.

Step 9:

Cover the base of your jar lid with craft glue, then place your cylinder inside and use a ruler or the end of a paintbrush to press down from the inside. Allow this to dry.

Step 10:

Print your lid template onto white paper and cut out.

Step 11:

Paint or colour-in the indicated area with a colour of your choice. This will be the tip of your pencil.

Step 12:

Apply glue to the grey area on the template, then bring both ends together until the non-glue edge just crosses over the dotted line of the glue area. Press down.

Step 13:

Fill your pencil box with treats, or anything else you would like to give as a present or keep safe!

Step 14:

Sit your lid on top and you have an amazing pencil-shaped box! Tip: You can connect your lid to the base by punching one hole in the lid, one hole near the top of the base, and thread some ribbon or string through. It’s also a great way to add a little gift note!