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Soft Pastel Fox

Watch as tattoo artist and graphic designer Taylah takes you through, step-by-step, how to draw a vibrant fox using Micador for Artists Soft Pastels.
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45 Minutes
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How to draw a vibrant fox using Micador for Artists Soft Pastels.

Get your supplies!

You will need:

  • Micador For Artists Soft Pastels - Sepia

  • Micador For Artists Charcoal Pencil - White

  • Micador Paper Stump, size 4

  • Toned Pastel Paper

  • Masking Tape

Step 1: Set up!

To begin, stick masking tape along the edges of your page. This will be used to create a thin border and will be removed later.

Step 2: Sketch!

Use the white charcoal pencil to start sketching the basic outline of your fox. It helps to use a reference image for this step. Use basic shapes and loose sweeping strokes to mark the shape of the fox. Mark all prominent facial features including eyes, nose and mouth.

Step 3: Add a background!

Use the edges of the pastel stick to spread ‘white’ pastel throughout the background. Add areas of ‘beige’ and ‘yellow ochre’ pastel in the background, blend these into white using the paper stump.

Step 4: Add colour to the fox!

Using a variety of the Sepia Soft pastels, build up the colours on the fox. Layering colours is important when using soft pastels. It will help the colours appear more vibrant and realistic. 

Step 5: Final Touches!

Using the ‘black’ pastel don’t forget to add the whiskers and colour the butterfly to finish!